About me & Contact

Alessandro Saponaro was born in Rome in 1972 and, after moving to Milan, started his journey with photography in his teens.
He continued such interest throughout his classical high-school studies and on to earning his law degree. 
As an adult, while accomplishing professional achievements in corporate environment, he began to merge his matured drive to create images with his other great passion, that of travel, which brought him to journey to several far away cultures pushed by his curiosity to experience different ways of life.
More recently, after rediscovering the black and white film together with the rangefinder cameras, he began to produce reportages of his frequent travels abroad, becoming more and more specialized in the discipline, cultivated with passion and dedication.
Never the less, he also keeps shooting the daily life of his living place with the same curiosity, focusing on the representation of the distinctive mood of his own city and of its inhabitants.



Instagram: a.saponaro.photography